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SLAM JAM part 5: Thrown Together now seems like an appropriate title.   At CAKE we will be donating some of our money donated from drinks and any spontaneous donations made by you to the RED CROSS Japan Tsunami Appeal.

For every person that attends, the members of CAKE will donate some more money to the appeal. So GET AS MANY FRIENDS AS YOU CAN to attend.  In addition to this, you will be supporting your local art community!

Please help us with this cause and have a super fun night!
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Getting Excited for some SLAM JAM. Inspiration for you.

Here’s some cool stuff from around the world that SLAM JAM brings a slice of to Sheffield, UK.

Inspiration for you to maybe get creating and or just come ALONG!



Some of these people have performed at SlamJam.



CAKE ED /// Sheffield Universal Education Collective

This could become very important. It might not be the free Liverpool Art School University; but for Sheffield it has a super amount of potential. The big society indeed.

Find out  here after the jump:



Basic info on Sheffield Universal Education Collective:

The Sheffield Universal Education Collective is a recently formed body of rank and file union activists and workers in the higher education sector of Sheffield. Our aims are:

1) to provide a free and radical, and an open and democratic, education space in the city;

2) to offer sessions that both critically think about the world around us and explore means to changing the world around us;

3) to employ innovative and inclusive pedagogies.

We have been inspired by the recent waves of student protests and activism, and wish to link up with such students, and others, in a productive and creative educational exchange.

Our ambition is to include a wide layer of politically committed education practitioners in the city, from HE but also the school, further and adult education sectors.

[CAKE-ED] //// Say Something Series:

Something that interest CAKE, which could interest you too:
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This Thursday at Islington Mill as part of our regular Say Something Series:
Lorena Rivero de Beer will talk about The Free University of Liverpool, a protest against the current situation in HE and a laboratory to explore new models of transmitting knowledge. She will discuss how it came about, the paradoxical space where it stands and the challenges they confront. Please come along if you would like to join the protest, create a Free University where you live or enroll in The Free University of Liverpool Foundation Degree that will start October 2011.
Free entry. 6pm start. Cafe till 8pm. Bar till late.
Upcoming in the Say Something Series:
Mar 10th 6pm: Helen Kaplinsky ::
Mar 17th 7pm: Billy Childish ::
Mar 24th 4pm: Roger Cardinal and Scare in the Community (Julika Gittner and Jon Purnell) ::
Mar 30th 6pm: Helen Collett ::
Apr 14th 6pm: Department 21 ::
Apr 28th 6pm: Museums Press ::

A performance artist, writer and producer Lorena Rivero de Beer recently completed a Phd exploring the relationship between cultural politics, representation, aesthetics and subjectivity. Collaborating with The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home (Lena Simic and Gary Anderson) Lorena has initiated The Free University of Liverpool. Billed as a protest against the recent tuition fee increases and cuts to university budgets The Free University of Liverpool states it has been developed to provide FREE education for any student who is keen to study. Believing that critical thought and action are at the heart of changing the world we live in, The Free University aims to teach about and practice cultural activism.

For the Say Something Series Lorena Rivero de Beer will talk about The Free University of Liverpool.  She will discuss how it came about, the paradoxical space in which it exists and the challenges the university’s lecturers and students will be confronting. Come along to the talk if you will like to join the protest, create your own Free University or enroll in The Free University of Liverpool Foundation Degree that will be starting October 2011


So it is official. We are now CAKE (everyone). To celebrate this, we have launched our 1 page website until the full release of the full awesome website designed by CAKE’s truly: James Cotton.

Please visit and change your bookmarks from to or add it your favourites! In addition to this, we will be compling a mailing list soon, so why not send us your mailing list request to our email directly right now! You can contact CAKE at our old email address: cake.artgallery(at)

In addition to this, since CAKE is EVERYONE! We want to help you with your awesome ideas, projects, exhibitions, research, ect. If you have an idea you want us to help host, organize, collaborate, ect on – do please get in touch! (Again at cake.artgallery(at)


SLAM JAM PT. 5! Sheffield, slam poetry night at BANK STREET ARTS

It’s been a while since our last SLAMJAM. This time we are teaming up Bank Street Arts (directions on the website )in Sheffield.

This is YOUR moment to SHINE.

For those who aren’t familiar with the SLAMJAM format.

EMAIL us ( or message on facebook/twitter! for a place to do your

POETRY (any type)/

or just turn up on the night, and be inspired by the AWESOMENESS of the nights performers & audience, as it is an OPEN-MIC format.

Some selected highlights thus far:
Spencer Hale (NYC);
James Prescott (SHF);
Matt McAteer (CHST);
Along side many other funky people. Be sure to book your space!

And of course, like all good things, there will be
and lots of networking and catch-ups!

NOT TO BE MISSED. And like all great things in life, IT’S A FREE!

Thanks to BANK STREET ARTS for this opportunity.


Here are some fun images from past SlamJams!